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BLOX 2 is a clone of Sokoban, a puzzle game where you have to push all boxes in a level onto a goal field. It is a complete rewrite of the original BLOX from 2003 and has been improved over the prequel in any possible way. Most notable are the new mini mode for extra large levels of up to 29×32 fields, “Multiblox” mode, where two players solve a level, each controlled by one of the two D-Pads, undo functionality, an extensive save feature which stores options, finished levels as well as an active game, multi language capabilities, full sound support with sound effects and a huge number of puzzles. With over 1800 puzzles, BLOX 2 still is the biggest Virtual Boy homebrew by far, content-wise. It even contains all 60 puzzles of the first game, which can be unlocked via a button code.


  • 16 MBit ROM
  • 3D Graphics
  • Over 1800 Levels in 38 Level Sets by various homebrew level authors
  • Undo Functionality
  • Includes “Multiblox” levels
  • Includes huge levels of up to 29×32 blocks in Mini Mode
  • Includes 9 languages: English, German, Spanish, Swedish, French, Italian, Slovenian, Finnish and Czech
  • Save Battery support
  • Full sound support with sound effects
  • "BLOX 2" was optimized to run on hardware and originally planned to be physically released. However, the game's save function works only on emulators.
  • "BLOX 2" finished first in the community voting for "VB Homebrew of the Year 2009".
Latest Download
Latest: BLOX 2 ROM • November 19, 2009
Homebrew Details
Developer: KR155E
Genre: Puzzle
Type: Game
Players: 1 Player
Save Option: SRAM
Release Status: Released
Year: 2009