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Thanks again for doing this for all of us – I’m so excited to get back to my VB! My kids have been bugging me about trying it out ever since they saw it on the dining room table in pieces!

Should just find something the same length and thread style. No idea on exact replacements though. I think I remember reading somewhere that somebody found something close but had to cut the pointy end off of each screw.

Scored a backup VB from the eBay just in case my personal one doesn’t make it out of repairs alive… this one is in poor shape cosmetically but the S/N is: VN104355440 US

ectoglow wrote:
The Advice that VB-Fan shared really does sum up the best approach if your just into the VB for gaming (as opposed to collecting). The Flash Boy + is all you need.

However if you want to get a few games just to have (with or without box) just for rapid changing in between games The best advice I can offer is Japanese games. A lot of the Japanese versions of US games are cheaper but still in English for the most part (not Baseball, Panic bomber or Jack Bros, but the bulk of the rest).

That, and game lots on ebay. When your just starting its easy and fun to just pick an auction with like, 5 or 6 games in it; most likely all ones you don’t have (except Tennis. That is always in there and everyone has it) and paying under $80 for them.

I was under the impression the FlashBoy+ is no longer being made… I am interested in one – not really into collecting the games, but I definitely want to play them on my VB!

Dropped mine in the mail yesterday – you should be seeing them on Saturday! Thanks again, I’ll get PP sent to you ASAP!

I’m in for one in the event it happens… turns out one of my best friends has a VB… and we will be playing some 2P goodness in the future hopefully!

PM sent!

There are no *new* ones of course, but sometimes there are some that pop up on eBay. Of course you don’t know the quality of those until they’re installed…

VN106186455 – US version! Got it about 10 years ago for 5 bucks shipped complete with box due to somebody misspelling the word ‘Virtual’ on eBay!

PM Sent! Thank you so much for offering to do this! I’m going to send a little extra for beer fund purposes.. just wait until AFTER you fix all those displays before cracking one open!!