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Featured Topic • Apr 21, 2022 22:40 • Timothy Beck 6 Replies

The Red Castle is a short dungeon crawler created in C using libgccvb. You play as a bird who is trying to escape from a castle. To progress through the castle, use your flashlight to defeat enemy marionettes, solve puzzles, and collect keys. Switch between the foreground and the background to sneak around blocks and enemies. But be careful, the marionettes can and will follow you. You may need to run away to give your flashlight time to recharge.

-The Left D-Pad of the controller is used for moving the player.

-The Right D-Pad can be pressed to use the flashlight. Direction of the flashlight corresponds to the direction inputted on the D-Pad.

-The left trigger moves the player to the foreground while the right trigger moves the player to the background.

-The A button allows the player to dash in the direction that they are currently moving in. This direction can only be up, down, left, or right.

-The start button can be used to begin the game on the title screen and pause the game. The A button can be used to skip the introductory story segment.


*The game is designed for use on the Virtual Boy system. Players using an emulator may have trouble distinguishing between the foreground and the background.

*A special kind of enemy type, the ghost, cannot be defeated with the flashlight.

*You need to know how to dash in order to complete the game.

Thanks for the nice response so far. I’ll be taking a break from this project for the foreseeable future, so sorry if there are no updates anytime soon.

News • Mar 26, 2022 20:53 • KR155E

The day has finally come and we are excited to bring you the first preview release of VUEngine Studio, the de-facto successor to VBDE (Virtual Boy Development Environment).

VUEngine Studio is a custom integrated development environment (IDE), tailor-made for Nintendo Virtual Boy game development with VUEngine, a versatile, object oriented Virtual Boy game engine. It is built with Eclipse Theia, a framework for building cloud and desktop IDEs using modern, state-of-the-art web technologies. At its core, Theia reuses central building blocks of Visual Studio Code and as such, VUEngine Studio looks and feels very much like VSCode and is able to consume VSCode extensions.

Check out the revamped VUEngine Studio Website for more information, downloads, (work-in-progress) documentation and more.

Featured Topic • Dec 11, 2021 00:03 • PizzaRollsRoyce 10 Replies

Original announcement

Visit elevatedspeed.com for more info, and download it directly here!

Unfortunately, link cable play had to be cut at the last minute while I wait to get the necessary hardware to test with it, but I’ll follow up with an update to include that as soon as I can.


  • High-speed, pseudo-3D 50fps gameplay
  • Full audio support with original soundtrack
  • AI
  • Large tracks

Features planned for a later release:

  • More tracks
  • More vehicle types
  • Link cable play


Featured Topic • Oct 27, 2021 23:26 • PizzaRollsRoyce 11 Replies

Today I’d like to announce my first homebrew game, “Elevated Speed.” This is an entry in the (evidently crowded) genre of VB hover racing games.

Preview video (sorry for potato quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHXnqZYysas

Initial features:

  • High-speed, pseudo-3D 50fps gameplay
  • Full audio support with original soundtrack
  • AI
  • Large tracks (bound only by size of ROM)

Features planned for a later release

  • More tracks
  • More vehicle types
  • Link cable play
  • Spice up gameplay a bit — powerups, takedowns, etc.

Planned experiments: Internet play with cross-platform (already have ports for Linux, WebAssembly and Gameboy Advance) matchmaking — depends heavily on capabilities of RetroOnyx’s Wifi adapter


  • Custom engine, written in modern C++
  • Full sound management system with priority handling, mixing, and positional stereo
  • Full 3D game engine (although rendering portion must work within VB constraints)
  • Build system that automatically optimizes assets for streaming from ROM to VRAM

I’m expecting to release a demo within the next month or two. Feedback is appreciated!

Also, thanks to everyone on the Discord channel who put up with my incessant questions (so far…)

News • Oct 14, 2021 23:35 • KR155E 1 Reply

With great pleasure we hereby release the 16th, and first ever public, demo of Formula V.

If you haven’t heard about this game before, let us give you a very quick summary. Formula V is a fast, futuristic top-down racing game for Nintendo Virtual Boy; think F-Zero meets Micro Machines. It is about a high velocity racing series featuring spaceship-like, hovering racers that succeeded today’s “Formula” racing series, like Formula 1.

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