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I was chatting with morintari yesterday and he mentioned the adjustable stand, the one that never got released, and if it was possible to make it. To make an exact copy would be very costly but i did do a design for one a while back using aluminum extrusion profile some laminate board and an existing stand bracket, so this design would replace a stand as it needs the bracket.
the unit can be adjusted up and down the length and clamped in place with the clamp lever, its only rough but would probably work ok.
Anyway i said i would post a pic of it so here goes….

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Hey HT thanks for the post. The pic looks great is there anyway that you can figure out what one of these babys would cost before you produce it. Also can’t decide if I should order your stand fix kit or save up for the adjustable stand. Are you going to work on parts to replace the stand clamp as well. And finnally if doing a rebatch of the stand fix kits can you make them black instead of silver. Please forgive me if it’s just not do-able.

Is this something your actually thinking of making ?? if so..wow dude..just let me know where to send the check πŸ™‚


Great work, as usual! I’m intrigued by the latching mechanism, but (as a tall guy who has to “slouch” over the stock VB) I don’t like the way it slopes away from the user. Maybe a “shoulder” could be added between the base and the extrusion.

Also, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a VB-compatible clamp to avoid “cannibalizing” stock ones.

I never really liked the stock clamp..seemed to be kinda a pain to take the vb on and off..anyone else have trouble with it ?


Thanks for the feedback chaps, this was only a design using stuff i got here at work, its not practical as it uses existing bits, but like Runnerpack says a clamping mech could be designed, another project.
I might make one of these up some time to see if it works, but its not high on my priorities so could take a while.
I’ll figure out a rough price for what i have done and let you all know. πŸ™‚

Sorry Hedgetrimmer but iv stolen your idea. Its still work in progress, im not sure how im going to mount my VB yet, i may have to butcher an official stand.
Just something to pass the time when nothing is broken at work.lol.

Hell yeah they look sweet.
I have actually made one myself, not got any photos yet but heres a render. I have also designed and made a sprung clamp unit that holds the VB nice n solid.
I could send you some dimensioned drawings if you can use a mill you can make one up, just need some 15mm thick PVC (or similar) some shoulder screws and springs, took me about 2 hours to make it.
This has height & angle adjustment. I will have to take some pics with my VB unit in place and post em later.

Looks like a good stand for the system. The original one can’t support the weight of the head set well.

Glad you like it. Your new one looks great, good idea for the spring clamp.
Yeah if you don’t mind, I’m ok with a mill but got a mate who is s**t hot. Better than messing up a proper stand, which I didn’t really want to do.

I’ll get some dimensioned drawings for you, I just worked from marked up prints once i had the design sorted, but it won’t take much to do it proper style.
There is not that much to it, just a few holes in the right place, and the groove cut outs to grip the unit.
I used 15mm thick PVC, so something like that will work fine, you may need to tweak some dims to take into account any material differences when doing the gripping parts but the rest is simple enough.

PDF with dimensioned parts and also a 3D pdf of the clamp unit, hope it helps if anyone wants to give it a go.

So the stand clamp is fixed w a set of screws? could you make another one that is not fixed you know like the original but maybe a metal clamp instead of plastic?

Thanks for that mate. I’m away on my hols at the mo, but Ill give it a go when back at work.

morintari wrote:
So the stand clamp is fixed w a set of screws? could you make another one that is not fixed you know like the original but maybe a metal clamp instead of plastic?

No the clamp holds the unit in place with the spring pressure, the screws hold the clamp parts together and allow the smaller piece to be pushed out and spring back again holding the VB unit.
I made a little animation of the motion.

I don’t think making a metal clamp would be wise, it being harder than the VB unit would mean if anything broke it would be the unit mounting area plastic not the stand clamp.

Sweet, HT.
Any idea when you will be manufacturing these and the stand? Oh and thanks for the clarification and the video:).

Got my adjustable stand finished, now with a nice shiny black base, several photos enclosed.
At full height the unit can sit on a desk and you can play while standing up, in theory the height could be more, its all down the the length of the upright. The unit can also be tilted to suit viewing angle.
I don’t think i am gonna offer these for sale, quite a lot of work goes into it and it doesn’t justify the cost, as with most hobby things you spend an age making something that’s only really worth a few quid.
I hope folks like the pics, I will help anyone out with drawings etc if they want to have a go, the clamp drawings are posted earlier in this thread.

This is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE! πŸ˜€
Let us know if you change your mind about the sale of them.
Remember this is sort of a novelty item. It doesn’t have to be affordable If that’s what it takes to justify supplies and labor.

Wish I had 2 more hands, so I can give this stand FOUR thumbs up!

that turned out REALLY nice. i wish i had one!

That is GREAT, I would really like to get my hands on that πŸ˜›


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