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Got a broken stand, cracked medallion?
This will replace it and get your VB back on its legs.
Kit includes a replacement medallion (made from solid PVC) screws, washers, nylon washer and nylock nuts.
Medallion is etched with Neartendo logo.

Standard postage UK £1.10, EU £3.50, US £4.50

All prices are in UK Pounds £.

PM me and we’ll sort out address and Paypal details.

Price: £7 (Exact Price)

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In case the topic gets buried..I just wanted to mention…

I have one of these medallions..and they work..easy to put on..and VERY strong. The metal legs of the stand will bend before this thing gets a crack.


I take it from post today,you send it very fast.
Very nice work.
You must cam-cad a logo in the front,i am going to assembling it tonight.
Smooth round head screws with resin and dual galvanized washers,self lock nuts (i prefer in black) .
Very nice work.

Totally lives up to the hype! My Virtual Boy is standing tall once again. The new medallion is solid as a rock, and installs in minutes.

Thanks a million! :thumpup:

To someone from New York.
I got your message but it seems the site has deleted your user profile so I don’t know who you are, could you please re-register.
I don’t want to post my email address online so I only initially make contact with PM’s through this site.
I can sort you a kit no problem, just need to know who you are.

@ Xanamander: you are most welcome, I am pleased you can play VB the right way once more.

Recieved it yesterday!
Great quality! I would order again if neccesary but it seems that its to strong to break right now!

are these still being made?

hello friend.
I need to replace the part of the stand of my virtual boy. How much is shipping to Brazil? thank you

I May have been the Guy from NYC asking about it (was it on ebay?) I dig the branding. I’d Probably replace the rest of the hardware with black hex head. Anyways, So you have a few in stock?

are these still for sale? this seems perfect

seekaseeka wrote:
are these still for sale? this seems perfect

Yep still making, I sent you a PM.


Are these still for sale?


Fitty wrote:

Are these still for sale?


Yep still got some, send me a PM, tell me where you are and I’ll let you know cost and postage etc.

Would you happen to have a CAD drawing of the design used to create the replacement medallions?

Or at least the dimensions of the medallion? I would like to try to make a replacement myself in my shop in the USA.

Thank you,


dimensioned drawings here, hope they help.
You got a simple version like i get made for the kits and a representation of the original with dims.

Post pics if you make some 🙂

This is a great product.

I used it to replace the unbroken medallion on my VB. Looking at the original, I’m astonished it’s lasted any time at all!

I just got my first virtual boy today in the mail and found the medallion is cracked. I am interested in purchasing one. Thanks.

Never mind. I fixed mine for the time being. If it breaks again I’ll post again.


I’m interested by a medallion for my VB do you still have it. I’m disapointed not to find one…


Can you somehow message me about buying this??


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