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Im very big into collecting video games, and I never ever thought I would ever get a virtual boy, until I went into this junk store that I get cheap nes games at and I looked in this box and I saw a virtual boy and I was so suprised and I was even more suprised when they only wanted $3.00 dollars for it so I got it. But sadly it was only the system so I ordered a controller with two games mario tennis, and galatic pinball on ebay, then when I finally got it I was so happy with it I decited to try and get all of the us relesed games, and the stand, and eyeshade. So here I am now with only five games to go plus a copy of space squash.

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I know how it feel to compleet your collection

It start with the systeem first and then some games and on the end you have almost evry game 😉

But 3 $ for the systeem thats a steel lol ( very cheap )

I only need 2 games to compleet usa and japan collection ( Vertical Force USA / SD Gundam japan ) But want them compleet boxed in good condition

I need these 4 games to complete the US collection, never really thought about getting all the US games though.
Jack Bros.

I want to get Teleroboxer and Jack Bros. I just need to finally go to ebay and order them, never once thought about Golf or Waterworld, but maybe once I get Teleroboxer and Jack Bros. I might decide to complete the US collection.
I am nowhere near complete on the Japan collection, I only have Panic Bomber, Space Invaders, and Space Squash imported.

Teleroboxer and Jack bros are good games

Only jack bros usa is some harder to find and some more expansief but i think its worth.

Golf is also a nice fun game
only waterworld is a bad game only fun for collectors to buy not for playing ( this how i think oabout this game )


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