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I just shelled out $38 for a copy of Tetris 3D, which is a bargain considering the prices on eBay. Luckily I got Wario Land with the system or else it’d look like I’d have to pay $60-70! Which leads me to this question: Why are most of the games so expensive? Most have gone up in price since they were new. And yet Mario’s Tennis is really cheap. Does Mario’s Tennis suck or something? I haven’t played it, but only because I don’t understand the rules of tennis.

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And yet Mario’s Tennis is really cheap. Does Mario’s Tennis suck or something? I haven’t played it, but only because I don’t understand the rules of tennis.

Mario’s Tennis is in my opinion a very good game. Don’t worry about not understanding the rules – the game actually taught me how to play tennis! The manual (available on this site) is very well written, explains everything, and you should be able to learn tennis just by playing the game.

And the last time I looked, Red Alarm wasn’t that expensive. And I’m just lucky because it came with my system. It’s the best VB game I’ve played yet (well, I only have 3 games).

Marios tennis is cheap because i think it got bundled with the virtual boy, so every virtual boy had marios tennis with it. making it more common.

Red alarm, teleroboxer and a few others arent too expensive, they are good fun as well. 3D tetris is a game i still am yet to buy and yeah its expensive because i think it was the last released Virtual Boy game, so not many people would have got a hold of it, plus tetris is a popular game so that adds to the price i guess.

wario land i got the cartridge not long ago for 15$ it aint to expensive, but if your looking for a boxed copy your gonna pay more because you know back in the day the box was just ‘packaging’ people just threw it out.

the real real expensive games like virtual bowling, SD Gundam Dimension war etc, i dunno i didnt really play them much (on the emulator as i dont own them) But wario land and alot of the other virtual boy games i find more fun and they are by far cheaper.

Most of the games are expensive because the Virtual boy got discontinued within like a year, thats pretty short life-span for a gaming console, it was only released in US and Japan so mainly poeple from them places would have got the games when the system was released, people in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe etc all missed out.

Its funny cause im from Australia and only heard about the Virtual Boy last year! But i guess i hadn’t been much of a game collector years back, only in recent years i have decided collecting games is a great hobby and is great fun as well to play alot of these great gems (games as well as the unique systems)

Hope this info helps!

haha yeah only heard about the vb like 3 years ago and I live in europe
Didnt even know for example that sega dreamcast and sega saturn existed until like 2 years ago so yeah I guess if u are a fanboy you look these things up on the internet but since I was very young back then (I am only 23 now) learning about rare systems is not so easy, also I think young people just want t fun system to play so the more commen systems will have more games and therfore sell better so yeah

unless you lucky to hear about rare systems like the vb u only get it once ur like over 15 and really want to test other systems

yeah im 16 and i would have only been 3 years old when the virtual boy came out lol. i just got a sudden urge to collect games and systems now. I was a mainly nintendo fan with the nintendo 64 and a sony fan with the playstation. never had any sega stuff and i have been collecting so much of that now, all the accessories, unique games it really makes me wonder why they didnt do better then nintendo. Some of the accessories and add-ons are awesome like tv tuners for a sega game gear, dreamcast accessories like the fishing rod with motion sensor, the sega master system and its 3d glasses, for the time they were pretty good i gotta admit. i guess back in the day some of the things like the sega 32x werent that good though and that made sega look bad, id say the megadrive, master system and dreamcast were there best efforts.

i really think exept the fmv games the mega cd was really good, had loads of good games

I dont own a vb for collector value, I own it because I actually think its one of the best systems ever made, playing in the dark u get a really good feel

i love the sega mega cd, sonic CD, lords of thunder, robo aleste, snatcher, the terminator… the list goes on, some of them games have great soundtracks and unique gameplay.. i really want to get the sega multi mega (mega cd and megadrive in a small compact unit). i only have the model 2 sega cd.

the FMV games are a unique experience now, like the virtual boy. i mean when i heard about watching video footage and switching from cameras and setting of traps i couldnt wait to play night trap / double switch. some of them are lame and bad quality though, some are alright here and there though if you know what i mean

mega cd might have some goood fmv games, but I still prefer the virtual boy that has over 98% good games


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