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Sorry everyone to do this again, but I am having real problems, and it would help me bring alot of units back to life if we could find a simple solution to this frustrating problem.

I cannot determine, after countless experiments, what can fix the horizontal lines sickness that more than half of my Virtual Boy displays suffer from. I remember reading tons of forums on this topic on the old site, but now it seems that a home remedy is no longer dicussed. Can anybody give me any direction?

I would also love to see this site have a section on repair, as I assume there are lots of you out there that have the same problem.

Thanks in advance for any insight/help.

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Maybe it is on the mirrors ? These horizontal stucked lines are a frequent problem on the VB. I had the same problem and I bought an other VB cause I couldn’t see the origin of the problem. Now, I use this VB for testing the modifications of the workshop section… 🙁 sad ending for a game machine ^^

I don’t know if this helps too much, but when I bought a new stand for my standless VB it cured it for quite some time! It later got thrown out and replaced though. O_o

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe DogP offers a service to repair said problems at an affordable price. It would be cheaper than buying a new unit and it would help keep VP systems alive. Though, if people keep throwing away an otherwise perfectly good gaming unit, the rarity would go up a little, lol. (Sorry, that’s the collector in me talking).

As far as I’ve ever discovered, the problem that causes the horizontal lines (and other corrupted display) has to do with the plastic ribbon cable connecting the ‘display board’ for each eye to the VB main processing board.

I took my two VB’s apart and I’ve got pictures, but my webserver is in a box at the moment so I can’t post them.

Basically, the cable is ‘glued’ to the display boards, and, over time, that connection wears away. I’ve heard about some people that have tried to warm up the connection to re-melt the solder and strengthen the connection, but I don’t know if anyone’s had regular success with it. Do it at your own risk, obviously.


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