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I think it would be a great asset to people trying to complete collections. The current market is dead and aside from the outrageously priced ones on ebay I don’t know where to look.

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i think thats a good idea,
and the forum may be more alive,

i suggest for multiple topics within marketplace
for example:
ebay vb auctions from users.
non vb ebay auctions,
and sega auctions
nintendo auctions

The problem is, if the seller knows he can get an outrageous price selling on ebay, why would he sell it for less here instead? :/

the marketplace module was a replacement for the marketplace forum, but with expanded functionality.

in my eyes, the only benefit of the marketplace forum would be that people can post ebay links.

what do the others think? maybe offer both options?

You have a good point. We could always just trade games. Also I’ve seen it talked about what a friendly little community there is here, maybe people would do it to help eachother out. I think it’s worth a shot.

Maybe it’s just a lack of people on the site. I think it’s possible that the forum would be more accessible and might get more people to come back.

I would be interested in a revived marketplace also.


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