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So I finally got the board to not give me an 403 error when I try to mention the word “casino”. That being said, I’m working on a casino game. Since I started work on this I couldn’t mention the word “casino,” the Roulette game is pretty much done and I am beginning work on Blackjack. I am on my second try programming Blackjack, the first time I gave up. If you see two cards with exactly the same value and suit dealt in Blackjack, let me know and take a picture of it. Right now all you can do in it is it deals two cards. Nothing else, except going back to the select screen on a select button press. I am also having a bit of problem with the title screen music. It speeds up when select is HELD, but not when start is held. If this problem persists, I’ll have to ask for help. Anyway, let me know what you think so far.


the ronin gambler, Vampire Ryu 😀

Thanks for sharing this with us! I’ll try to load it up and give it a go. Good luck on the project 🙂

So after about 6 hours straight coding, I think Blackjack has finally been completed. Let me know if you see any bugs or let me know what you think.

So this is basically Virtual Casino Kid, that’s cool.

It’s basically Casino Fun Pak. No people to try to beat, just fun casino games.

Ohh; is the menu gonna be similar, with the point’n’click mouse choice? That would be a good way to handle the menu for sure and also will this have cool 3D cards and 3D Roulette wheel?

I think the menu option getting is cool the way it is. As for 3D cards and roulette wheel, I will if someone can design them for me. I can’t draw very good, as evidenced by my title screen.

The 3D cards will be on the title screen, of course. The Blackjack game will stay the way it is with text, since designing 52 individual 3D cards would be a pain and not to mention take up a lot of space.

Prettied up the Blackjack table a little bit. I THINK I also fixed a bug that came up about repeating numbers.


A note to myself for tomorrow: Work on a slot machine next.

I think a Nintendo-themed slot machine would be good. Or perhaps I should just go with the usual fruit and bar-type?

This is a great idea and I got one would like a copy of this game when it’s released to cart! I’m glad you are adding slots also, but yeah probably use non Nintendo imagery.

Can you add rectangles around the “cards?” I think that would be a really nice added touch, otherwise I really like the execution.

This would be an awesome game for the link cable also, imagine playing 2 player poker or even multiplayer roulette (of course have computer add more players) ?

Here is what the reel for the slot machine will look like. Thoughts?


Those definitely look good to me. I am so looking forward to this game.

You seem to be making quick progress with this! Everything is looking good 🙂

Apparently I was the first one to try this game on a real Virtual Boy. And I found a lot of problems. I think I fixed them all except for the fact that in the roulette game if the chip is on the bottom row, it doesn’t display correctly. I tried fixing it to no avail, so I guess the thing to do is redesign the roulette table so it doesn’t go that far. I must’ve tried about 20 different things and reloading each version to my FlashBoy.

Everything should be working fine now. Changed the roulette table layout so it doesn’t go that far down and that fixed the problem.


This is looking great! You’re doing excellent work! When you have it finished, hopefully you can work with UncleTusk and can make physical copies for everyone to enjoy 🙂

Thank you!
I have just begun programming on the slot machine. Rught now, it’s running kind of slow, but I hope to speed it up. What I have now took at least ten tries of loading it up to my Flash Boy, walking to the den, cursing, then trying over again, mainly because Mednafen is not reliable as an emulator should be. What runs fine on Mednafen doesn’t seem to run as well on a real Virtual Boy. I also added a website for the game:

I am currently attempting to make a very simplified roulette wheel, but as you can see its a work in progress.

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