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Testing to see if I can post any topic here.

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Mednafen must have inaccurate sound emulation, that’s the only logical explanation.

Dreammary wrote:
Mednafen must have inaccurate sound emulation, that’s the only logical explanation.

It certainly struggles with Vertical Force. It slows down the entire soundtrack.

I made the cards in Video Poker much more “random.”

Could someone test the game for me? I have a feeling it may be done for the most part. I do plan to make a new title screen image if this is the case. You can get the latest rom here: http://www.atari2600land.com/casino/

I tried all the games, the only issue I could find is I can go back to the title screen in every game using the select button except for Poker. Once you’re in Poker you’re stuck.

Admittedly I don’t know how to play Roulette and Poker, so I was sort of just fumbling around there, but Black Jack works well and the slots were cool. What would make slots more fun is having the different symbols award a different multiplier, so 7 7 7 would be a big bonus while 3 cherries is a basic bonus.

The 3D in the title screen is very well done by the way.

I can get out of Video Poker. Maybe the reason you couldn’t get out is because you were in the middle of a hand? I made it so you couldn’t get out of Video Poker in the middle of a hand.

That would probably be it then, I very well could have been in the middle of a hand.

How is this game going?
You should really finish this and add another sweet idea to your game making

It’s pretty much done. All I have left to do is change the title screen picture to something prettier.

How does this look?


Looks nice
A shame it only has 4 games but never the less good job man

Now put the rom in here so hopefully it can be added to the main page as an another finished games by you 😀

Can`t wait to see your next project

Hopefully a CIB option is in the works with Tusker =). I would definitely want a copy.

First I need a random number generator that returns a number between 1-52 in C. I’m getting tons of 2-pairs. Googling turned up nothing.

I poked around modlibgccvb.h and found this:

int randseed()
/* When run at startup gets a random number based on the changing CTA */
	int random = 1;
	int rand;
	int prevnum = 0;
	int count = 1;
	while (count < 30000)	//repeat through many times to make more random and to allow the CTA value to change multiple times
		rand = (*(BYTE*)(0x0005F830));	//CTA
		if (random == 0)		//prevent % by zero
			random = 1;
		random += ((rand*count) + (count%random));	//just randomly doing stuff to the number
		if (rand == prevnum)		//if the CTA value doesnt change then count up
			count = 0;		//if the number does change then restart the counter
		prevnum = rand;			//keep track of the last number
	return random;		//returns the random seed

int randnum(int seed, int randnums)
/* Returns a random number in the requested range from the random seed */
	return (seed%randnums);	//returns the random number

Can I use this to get a "random" number between 1-52? If so, how?

Try 🙂

I would, but I don’t know how.

Can someone please help me with how to use this?

send pm to vb game makers


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