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Superstar VB homebrewer Martin Kujaczynski has just launched an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in order to be able to spend the rest of the year finishing up his VB Music Tracker, the respective sound player code, as well as a new game called “Bombenleger”, that bears a striking resemblence to Bomberman.

Most homebrew games and demos for the Virtual Boy have inferior sound and music due to the lack of proper sound tools. To change that fact I started the development of a music tracker that will allow developers and composers to create high quality music for the Virtual Boy. At the moment the tool is half-finished. If the funding campaign is successful, I will spend the next few weeks working full time on the project to complete it till the end of December.
To raise interest in the campaign I decided to pair it with the development of a small but fun game for the VB. It’s similar to a well know game, where you have to make your way through a labyrinth by placing bombs to destroy walls and defeat enemies.

The campaign will run for a week only two weeks and requires €1,200 to be raised. Let’s make it a success!

See all the info here.

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Did he mention anything about Bombenleger in the email?

1. Is it possible to change the noise channel’s tap location within an instrument? I’d really want to do some noise+bass tricks so that I can play bass notes lower than the wave channels can while also mixing drums in. The trick is done in some SN76489 chiptunes for exactly the same reason.
2. Does the tracker export to VGM files? The VSU has been supported in it since VGM v1.71.
3. Can you mute or solo channels at all?
4. Wouldn’t M.K. mind if you share songs you make with the tracker online? I’d like to hear what you make!

Sorry for the late response, been on a worktrip.

Yeah he mentioned the game and that it should be available soon, but no ETA.

I havn’t checked into the program enough to answer all your questions.
I just tried the function that he added to import GBS files and export them to .vba and .wav.

It only exports to .BIN .WAV and .VB.

Imports from FTM and GBS with NFS being grayed out/not clickable.

Channels can be muted.

Havn’t heard anything since I got the mail with the google drive link.

This is a great news.

those features are pretty interesting. GBS import is a very unexpected, but welcome surprise! NSF too. I’m not familiar with .vba though, I’m guessing that’s a tracker-related format..?

also very excited to see what bombenleger looks like. I’m sure that’ll very well please too :>

The .VB format should have an included mediaplayer for playback on real hardware. Havn’t tried it yet.

Can you please send Martin an email as to why the binaries aren’t publicly released yet, although you obtained the “final” version from him? He needs to be focused more on the tracker and Bombenleger than just staying silent during whatever free time he has.

I don’t want to say this like a million times, but we’ve needed a proper way to make VB chiptune music for a long time now. But his procrastinating and all that is making me all more worried, and is leaving all of us left behind without this tracker even being publicly downloadable.

As far as I know, procrastinating is bad. Releasing the tracker on time for all the chiptune artists who’ve been begging for it, is MUCH better.

Is it procrastinating though? I’m still a bit concerned about him as he hasn’t logged in since December 19, 2018.

I’m concerned about him too.

Do you have his email address? I’d absolutely want to play around with this tracker in its “finished” state! Also, I wonder how Bombenleger goes.

i was talking about this tracker with a few people today and we were wondering why there’s no public download link if it is actually finished or in a usable state?

patrik, could you upload a .zip somewhere and share it? is there a reason why this thing is kept closed?
anyone else has access to the tool and could share it?

Backers of the Indiegogo campaign received a seemingly finished version (1.0.1) in February. As a high tier backer I was also asked for photos of me to be included in Bombenleger, which was “almost finished” at that point. I was hoping for it to be out by now, but no word from M.K. since, unfortunately…

Since the link to the tracker has not been made public by M.K., but has only been shared with backers, I assume that it’s not meant for public consumption. Therefore, although I’d really love to hear what people make with it, I am reluctant to post it on PVB just yet, sorry.

I was a backer and never received the music tracker. I think just a select few got it.

I was one of the highest tier of backers (since no one did the box) and never got the music tracker. I only wanted the game honestly.

yeah same as y’all – backer, still no tracker. had some friends in the same boat asking me about it too,,

Yeah, even me has still been waiting for a word on this.

I’m in the same boat as @KR155E. Also got asked for some information for the game and then no response at all. Didn’t get a response on my question about sharing the tracker yet either so unfortunately I can’t do it.

any news?
makes me sad theres a finished/working tool out there but only 2(?) people have access to it as it seems

The tracker wasn’t shared with all backers. I wasn’t sent a copy.

Let’s all hope he comes back with a delay apology and a full release of the tracker to the public.

I hope this is not considered hijacking this thread but in the end that inbuilt tracker follows a quite different approach.
Just thought it would potentially interest some composers in here, that by now there is a music engine published:

VBeat, free VB music engine (with example 🙂



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