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Superstar VB homebrewer Martin Kujaczynski has just launched an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in order to be able to spend the rest of the year finishing up his VB Music Tracker, the respective sound player code, as well as a new game called “Bombenleger”, that bears a striking resemblence to Bomberman.

Most homebrew games and demos for the Virtual Boy have inferior sound and music due to the lack of proper sound tools. To change that fact I started the development of a music tracker that will allow developers and composers to create high quality music for the Virtual Boy. At the moment the tool is half-finished. If the funding campaign is successful, I will spend the next few weeks working full time on the project to complete it till the end of December.
To raise interest in the campaign I decided to pair it with the development of a small but fun game for the VB. It’s similar to a well know game, where you have to make your way through a labyrinth by placing bombs to destroy walls and defeat enemies.

The campaign will run for a week only two weeks and requires €1,200 to be raised. Let’s make it a success!

See all the info here.

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As for the game, it would be nice to have news. I would have supported it if I were here at the time.

Same here, buddy.

I was about to get the VB Music Tracker by getting the “Music Tracker” perk on Indiegogo. I couldn’t get to click on that perk, until I realize… I was too late…


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