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Does anyone still have a gameboy camera ?
It was super cool but had really crummy quality and all the game graphics were creepy. There were the bonus pictures you could unlock but you basicly needed to use a gameshark to get them all. and if you were gonna get that stupid flag to rise at the end of the running mini game, you basicly needed to put the camera in the super gameboy and use a turbo controller. It was swell though. I have two of them. I got my first one for free from someone at school a couple years ago, and I got the other one at value village for $5.00 (Value Village is great for finding wierd game stuff) I once got a zelda game and watch there for 7 bucks and sold it on ebay and got $115.00 (I bought Space Squash with the money) Gameboy camera’s aren’t really worth much though. You basicly need it if you’re gonna print anything on your gameboy printer. Plus you need to find a certain model of link cable to connect the two things. (fortunetly I still had that cable when I got my camera and printer) it was mainly a gimmick, but I thought it was cool.

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I personally loathe the gameboy camera.

I have one, but the picture quality is really grainy and terrible, and the mini-games are very few and boring. I played it like crazy for the first few years after I got it, but I haven’t touched it since. I plan to keep it, though, as part of my current Nintendo collection.

I got one for free from a friend the other day and I LOVE IT! Unfortunately, GB printers are expensive these days so I can’t print any of my grainy pictures. I actually like the picture quality because it gives the pictures an abstract look.

What kind of paper did the printer use? was it thermal? I would guess if would be hard to find the right paper these days.

I do remember that camera. It had so much potential….

yeah i am pretty sure it was thermal paper. and very expensive too. so i never got a printer, the gb camera was a lot of fun, though. scarily, the guy on the gb camera store banners looked a lot like me (without the horns and stuff of course, heh). i wonder if i did some things many years ago i just repressed. ;D


ya right the paper of the printer was thermal paper but it was a kind of sticker paper.

Game Boy Camera is one of my favourite “game” on gb.

I have it, i have a printer and a lot of rolls of paper to print! (i don’t know why… don’t ask me…)

Yes, the paper is thermal and sticker.

I bought a printer and spare camera (I already had one) last month, it even came with a box full of spare, colored thermal. I still need the link cable but otherwise I have a fully working printer still.

Chalk it up to obsessive collecting, the thing still elicits a few good chuckles here and there.

I don’t exactly understand your last sentence… my english is not perfect.
But it seem to me you are polemic about “obsessive collecting”.

I would like you to notice that every one here (you too) have a “collection” on his profile. So, yes, we are collectors…

Note that i was irony on my “obsessions”, that’s why i wrote “i don’t know why… don’t ask me…”.

One time my brother and I had plugged the GB camera into a “Super gameboy” (super nintendo adapter) and set it to take a pic like once every 45min, and we captured the moon rising and setting…
Pretty cool stuff, cause we were like Jr. size back then.

Plus I use to Hammer out some sick tracks with the music editor.

I actually still have my green Game Boy camera, which I purchased way back in the day. I also used it obsessively for a good 6 months, maybe more. I haven’t touched the thing in years, but I know that there are lots of photos still on that thing I took well over a decade ago now! I should really get it out and take a look at those old photos…

Anyways, I must admit, my favourite thing about it was the DJ game where you got to create your own music. It was quite complex from what I remember, and it was very challenging, but also very rewarding after sitting down for several hours and being able to have something you could listen to after it was all said and done.

I never did fully master that DJ game, but I remember you could take one of your photos, and paste it on the DJ’s head! So, anyways, I took a photo of a stuffed teddy bear (really it was a stuffed brown and white dog, with long floppy ears) and pasted it on my DJ’s head…. I remember laughing out loud when I would start up a track and this dog-headed-DJ would start scratching and moving around to the music! HAHAHAHAHA…..

That camera provided me with countless hours of fun for much longer than one would think possible. 😛

I had forgotten all about the GBC until I saw a pile of them for sale the other day. This junk shop had about fifty in a big box looking sad and abandoned 🙁

I wonder if they could be put to some use… they’re relatively small, very cheap (i think they were on sale for like 300 yen..) and don’t require a lot of processing power…

They’d make good visual sensors for some kind of robot…. 💡

I saw a pile of them for 200 yen each in DenDenTown 4 months ago, so you basically never know. They’re quite neat, though.



Gameboy Camera Links

Mine is also green, but I got it used long after it was “yesterday’s news”. I haven’t really played with it all that much, but I may eventually get around to using the camera chip out of it. I even have some ideas for a whole box of them, but no way to get them 🙁

As an aside, I wonder if the guy/team who made that DJ game had anything to do with “Wii Music” 😉

I saw a pile of them for 200 yen each in DenDenTown 4 months ago

What’s DenDenTown like? I’ve spent a lot of time in Akihabara recently and found some amazing stuff (one shop has Space Invaders Virtual Collection …..for ~20,000 yen) but I heard DenDenTown is cheaper and you can find older stuff.

Well, there’s a lot more shops in Akiba, though they all seem to sell mostly the same stuff. Also, I didn’t find a single shop after “Friends” when I walked along the big street 😉

I found some stuff in DenDen though, mostly they seem to have much more hardware, though most of it is still in a so-so condition. Sadly, one of my packets with stuff from there is seemingly lost in the mail. I hate it when that happens. Had a gameboy fourplayer adapter, Rockman & Forte and other stuff in there…




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