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Quaze has a point. Listing items that are just priced crazy doesn’t really fit the “Noteworthy Auction” thread.

So post them here!

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Well, since the image of the box contains “Box Layout (c) 2011 Jesse L. Willis,” I’d be surprised if anybody fell for it.

He did get an offer, but I hope it was just a troll one sine it was declined

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So I actually have one of these boxes (no it’s not my auction), I went back and looked at mine and it’s the same as this one with that box layout 2011 note. I bought mine back in 2012 (for $14 mind you) as a cool display piece. I remembered a discussion on this before and was able to find it

The Noteworthy Auction Thread™

bigmak confirmed someone else made these before uncle tusk got involved. So this may be semi-legit, but that $790 price is pure fantasy. Also of course this couldn’t be a “store” display as these were never sold at retail.


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