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With this update we put the reviews section in the new design. We also have 2 brand new reviews to Jack Bros. (thanks to Rpack for helping me with that), Panic Bomber and we extra translated the Space Invaders review. There is to mention that Oldergames.com signed an agreement with Lik-Sang to release the game Super Fighter, of which also a VB Demo exists, on older and actual consoles (for now, the VB won’t have a version, but who knows what is still goign to come…). For more details click here. Our good friend Freeze sent us something really interesting. Therefore a swedish 4 man Rockband with the name “Randy” makes publishing for their current album, and they do it with no more less than the VB!! But look for yourself here. In the next days we will get a hi-res scan of that, where you can see the Virtual Boys even better.

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