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Finally the updated Unreleased Games section is online, now up-to-date and with lots of new info and pics. Here are some important changes:

  • “Niko Chan Battle” is the same game as “Faceball”. it was removed form the list.
  • “Virtual Battle Ball” and “Virtual Dodgeball” are just two different titles for the same game, which will be listed as “Virtual Dodgeball” from now on.
  • Since “VB Mario Kart” is nothing more than a rumour, and we don’t have a single evidence that it was in development, it was taken out of the list.
  • It has been confirmed that “Virtual League Baseball 2” was in development, the game is now listed as the US-title of “Virtual Pro Baseball ’96”.
  • Also an US version of Virtual Fishing was in developmment and has been added to the list.

Additionally, the Screenshots section of the unreleased games has been remade with better scans and a total of 13 new screens of Bound High, Dragon Hopper, VB Mario Land and Virtual Double. Major thanks go out to DogP who helped with scanning in a lot of screenshots!

Last but not least, a new scan of the Virtual Lab manual is now online plus a PDF of it. Again, thanks to DogP for those!

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