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Chris is tied up with exams for the next 3 months. So, I will be both making and distributing them now.

If you want one, you need to send me a donor cart. This will guarantee you get a cart (a sort of pre-order).

I will be making these on a one-by-one basis, so be prepared to wait at least 2 weeks from the donor cart getting to me and your FlashBoy+ being dispatched.

The package will consist of the cart and USB cable (no box) the new price of $100 (+shipping) reflects this.

Anyway, if you are interested, please Email me at –



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I had a FlashBoy before I sold my first VB : what is the “Plus” in FlashBoy+ ?

I could be mistaken but I believe it is the battery allowing you to save progress (for games that support it).

Hi !
When FlashBoy+ will be available again ?

I’ve never stopped making them. It’s just that I do them in small batches.

At the moment, the link-cable project has created a large interest in the carts, so I’m busy going through the back-order list as fast as I can.

Let me know if you want adding to the list ?

Let me know if you want adding to the list ?

Yes ! Thanks…

I emailed you about it, would I be on said list? Just making sure, cause if I’m not I’d sure like to be 😀

Just send money to Richard Hutchinson

From his email, he replied to have some more built this month.

I emailed you about it, would I be on said list?


Received FlashBoy+ today. Love the case! Thanks very much

I am interested, is it too late to get on the list? Thanks!

Email me

Hello, I am just finding this thread now. I, too must ask: is it too late?

Hey, just wanted to say that I got mine in the mail and it works great! Thanks a lot!

To anyone that wants a cart, please Email me. That way I don’t miss anyone.

FYI I’m building another batch in October (just need to get hold of some more donor carts first).

Just getting into the VB community, as I’ve just received my wholelife-desired Japanese Virtual Boy. So the awesome FlashBoy+ would be the perfect complement to get the most of this system which I’m very excited with. 🙂

Just e-mailed MineStorm to count me in for the new FlashBoy+ batch. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those!


Thank you so much for developing this outstanding flashcart and bringing us the possibility to enjoy it for so many years!

got mine today… yay

but I notice on planet virtualboy webpage…
the link to developer page goes to some food stuff now 😀

I downloaded the Snatcher demo and played it thru. Holy shit that was masterfully done! I just wish there was some way to wear the vb comfortable 😛

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I just bought a VB, so it looks like I need another one of Richard’s great flash carts. I have the VecFlash and VecMulti too 😀

Just got mine today! Pretty slick, works great! Thanks a ton!

I just was able to use mine today, after i replaced some parts in my system, works great, playing wario land currently! Thankyou!

Throwing the post out there in the thread! I emailed yesterday about it. I have a donor cart if that is still needed or helps get further up the list 🙂


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