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That’s what..60 dollars or so ? I don’t think that’s bad myself…

As more and more Vboys fail…we’re going to have to have a good, easy and quick way to fix them. Or we will lose more and more people from the community.


Well, add postage to it…and it might be cheaper then buying another bare VB….

Just my 2 cents.

wolfman wrote:
Well, add postage to it…and it might be cheaper then buying another bare VB….

Just my 2 cents.

That also has the same problem or will get the same problem for sure….
That is not a real solution if you ask me (or anyone who tried that road).

I repair them for €30,- myself (lowered it by €5,-) and have done quite a few.

Do you take the displays only for repair? Would save a lot on shipping 😀

I sure do, I actually prefer it that way, though either way is fine.

My VB is currently being repaired by an Anonymous member whom contacted me and offered a slightly cheaper repair service. I am excited it will be 100% working with the permanent solder fix and the security screws replaced with Philips head but I am also receiving the security screws in a baggy.

I’ve heard the tape only method works just as well as soldering it. Or am I wrong with that assessment? I know for sure though the oven method will NOT last.

I would not trust that the tape only method works as well as the soldering method. If anything, the Oven Method plus adding tape will make it last longer than just adding tape alone, but both methods don’t produce a permanent fix. One of the reasons why the problems arise is because of the glue itself that is contained on the wires. This needs to be removed first and then the soldering must occur for the best results.

Hey, did you get my displays for repair now? Shipped it a week ago…

Nope, not yet, you can always mail me, you have my address. I will immediately inform you when I get them.

I can vouch for TheForce81. I sent him my broken VB display a few weeks ago and he sent them back fixed to perfection. The price was very fair and totally worth it because now I’ve got a working VB with no glitchy display problems.

I believe you. It is just that the package hasn´t arrived yet – postage between the Nederlands and Austria usually is very fast, just a few days.

My system arrived today! It works beautifully, It worked so well that 3 hours of playing Bound High flew by!


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