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Hello everyone,

Glad I found a community of virtual boy enthusiasts, I decided to get all nostalgic and have been trying to get a hold of one. I picked one up as a present from Toys R’ Us back in the day, and actually donated it a few years after during a move. I’m still kicking myself for that one!

Hope to get another one at a fair price, they aren’t cheap via ebay

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Welcome to Planet Virtual Boy!

Have fun!

A Virtual Boy is not cheap at eBay?
I don’t think so. This great historic system is cheap like a new Nintendo DS. Most games are value for money, too.

I would buy a Virtual Boy at eBay,
(but I still own one 🙂 )

Welcome to PVB, I think everyone who got rid of their Virtual Boy back in the 90s are kicking themselves now. If they say otherwise, they’re just in denial. Hope you get your hands on one again soon.


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