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HorvatM has released an updated version of InsmEdit, the Insmouse No Yakata Editor. Version 1.1 adds a ton of new stuff:

*** What’s new in this version ***

This version adds new features, such as level time editing and support for IPS patches. It also fixes bugs and improves the user interface.

Files created with version 1 will work normally with version 1.1. However, if a file saved in version 1.1 that includes starting position resources is edited and saved in version 1, starting directions in those resources may be lost.

The readme file has been updated to document new features. It also documents where in the Insmouse No Yakata ROM the data patched by InsmEdit is located.

The Example.imp file has also been updated to illustrate the new features.

*** Changes from version 1 ***

* IPS patch support.

* In addition to editing starting position, you can now edit the direction as well.

* You can now choose the music track played on each level.

* The layout editor can now shift layouts around the map.

* By pressing the middle mouse button or scroll wheel (whichever your mouse has), the position of the tile being pointed to in the layout editor will be remembered. You can then paste it into a starting position resource.

* The layout editor does not flicker anymore.

* Added the “Lamps” feature in the layout editor.

* Password indexes are now checked for validity. This applies to all resources that use them.

* The status of the “Grid” feature in the layout editor is preserved when editing different layouts. This also applies to the “Lamps” feature.

* The main window can now be resized.

* The readme file, if opened from within InsmEdit, will open to the right of the main window rather than over it.

* InsmEdit will now ask you whether you want to save changes to a modified patch when you choose “New” or “Open…” from the File menu.

* No more potential instability after opening a patch when a patch is already open.

* No more crash when choosing “Open…” from the File menu, then cancelling the resulting dialog box.

* No more crash when the resource limit is exceeded.

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