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The latest WIP version 0.9.0 of the multi system emulator Mednafen has just been released on the official forum. It introduces support for the Virtual Boy. From the games I tested with earlier betas, everything ran perfectly, even those writing directly to the framebuffers, like Red Alarm, which were previously unplayable in any other VB emulator for Windows. Future versions will also feature a debugger, something developers should be really looking forward to.

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In other news, a new version of ViBE has been released. It has an updated internal CRC list to allow the two recently released bad ROMs of Bound High! to play.

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I’m posting this here as a stopgap until the documentation is updated:

All of the VB-related command-line/config-file arguments start with “vb.” e.g. “-vb.3dmode ” chooses one of the four available 3-D display modes:

In anaglyph mode, there are color presets. Pick one with -vb.anaglyph.preset

Where is one of:

If none of the presets work well with your glasses, you can control the brightest color used for each eye with the -vb.anaglyph.lcolor and -vb.anaglyph.rcolor options (be sure to set “preset” to “disabled”). Each option takes an RGB triplet in 0xRRGGBB notation. The three shades for each eye are calculated from these colors.

The other VB-specific options are either self-explanatory or equivalent/similar to the other systems.

(Note: don’t use a leading dash when entering the options into the config file.)

Wow, what a day to come back on the scene! I mean, a VB emulator that works 100%? What amazed me was that sound even works. This has really renewed my interest in the VB community, especially since both of my units’ displays are on the fritz again… Maybe I’ll actually have a chance at writing some homebrew now.

I just tried out a few ROMs, including Bound High! and Red Alarm – and this emu works great!


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