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The “Evolution Games” shop is located in Barcelona, Spain. They have also an ebay shop and at least by this way they ship worldwide.

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They also only have one “item” for sale, a large package of stuff for almost €200, but it’s perhaps worth it, it looks like everything is in excellent shape.

Watch out for this pack! It looks nice and the price is affordable, but the seller indicates that the right speaker of the console does not work. 🙁

Karnalg wrote:
…the right speaker of the console does not work. 🙁

That’s probably a pretty easy fix, and headphones are a workaround… assuming the package is priced to compensate (haven’t looked at the site). If it isn’t, one could always try to haggle 😉

I know Evolution Games shop very well , is near my house.I bought last month a boxed eyeshade for only 9 € and one year ago a factory sealed Virtual Baseball for only 15€ . They usually have cheap items , but Space Invaders ( 350€ )is too expensive and Virtual Boy Demo ( 250€ )isn’t a bargain

pd: If you buy an item in this shop , please look at the photos and check the box . They don’t handle items with care and normally boxes has some flaws

I usually buy in “Japan Classic” ( http://www.japanclassic.net ) , in Barcelona too . Is more cheap ( I bought my Virtual Boy Demo for only 160€ ) and you can pre-order japanese games ( like Space Invaders for 220€ ).Unfortunately, you cannot pre-order online

Nice site, Toni! I’ve added it to my favourites. I have to visit it if I go to Barcelona.

You’re welcome to visit Barcelona !! , but if you need something and you couldn’t visit BCN as soon as possible , I’m going to Madrid next 22 May 😉

Many thanks, Toni. I should contact you if necessary :thumpup:


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