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I know this thread is stupid, but I’m freaked out. She’s in her 60s and has had a series of serious problems in the past few years that also freaked me out.

Please just knock on wood for her.
Thanks friends, I’ll update tomorrow as soon as I hear back from her husband.

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keeping my fingers crossed

fingers crossed, knocking on wood, all that stuff, big love to you and yours.

Hope everything goes OK. Sending positive thoughts.

I will pray for her today.

Sending out all my positive thoughts.


I’m praying too, V.J.

Wishing you all the best, my friend! I hope all goes well!

Sending prayers your way.

I hope everything works out for her.

I think you and your family are in all of our hearts and minds right now. Stay strong, know you’re in our prayers.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. She got out of surgey a little over an hour ago. I hope that I’ll get to speak with her on the phone tonight or tomorrow morning. For now I’m just relieved.

Hope all is well.


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