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Hello everybody πŸ™‚ I am a female Nintendo portable fanatic who has been collecting games for years. My favorite systems are the NES, Virtual boy and GBC. I have recently started playing my Virtual boy again and have a high score of 232 in bowling. Just wondering if anybody has bowled a perfect game.

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Hello fellow new Virtual Boy freak! πŸ˜€

I am also a female Nintendo fanatic who loves the Virtual Boy (of course) too

I have not played Nester’s Funky Pinball yet as I do not own a copy so I have NO score πŸ˜›

Anyways, have fun on this forum!

I’ve bowled a 300 in NFB (and LOTS of 299s >_<)... very disappointing. It just has a crappy animation that says "Perfect" (or something like that), then goes to the normal game over screen. No credits, no bonus game mode... nuthin. DogP

Guess I need to keep practicing πŸ™‚ – ^ ^ v v <- ➑ <- ➑

Hi 1upped, welcome to Planet Virtual Boy!

You can find NFB highscores here: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/games/?r008h

I hope you will submit yours, too. (And for other games as well :-D)

DogP, how come you didn’t take a screenshot of your high score? πŸ˜›

I actually did… somewhere πŸ˜› (I actually took a pic of the animation as well). I used to have them posted on my website, but at the time I had multiple webspaces pointing back and forth (to get around the small webspace limit), and when I got my new webspace and redesigned the site, I never got around to redoing that section. “One of these days” πŸ˜‰ .

I’m not sure where all my game ending pics are right now either… but I’m really not worried about high scores (I don’t think I’ve uploaded any screenshots). I’m not sure that I even submitted those scores… maybe those were imported from an old forum post on high scores? Or maybe I did submit them πŸ˜› .



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