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i have 3 Virtual Boy games, V-Tetris,mario tennis and teleroboxer, it seems that teleroboxer glitches alot, and the others dont, why?

is my cartridge ruined or something? cuz whenever i begin a match, one of the screens get brighter and sometimes just mess up,
Is this a cartridge fault? can a cartridge fault effect the glitchness of the screen? or is it my batteries or virtual boy?
I would like to know if it is possible that the cartridge could make it glitch up. Cause that would be bad news if it was the cartridges fault. PLZ PEOPLE TELL ME!

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It’s your display cables. Due to things like brightness settings, some games will cause your displays to glitch when they’re just fine on others.


So i dont buy another copy of this game? Thats great news!!


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