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Here’s a nice little piece of Nintendo history…

According to the seller: “This is a Nintendo 1995 President’s message shareholder Booklet, detailing the plans for Nintendo around 1995 and the sales, financials and other shareholder information they would have wanted back in 1995.”

This Booklet contains 44 glossy pages of high quality images that introduced Nintendo’s latest products to their stakeholders. The Booklet measures 7.5″ across, 12″ high, and includes sections on the Virtual Boy, Nintendo Ultra 64, Super Nintendo, and the Game Boy.

The Booklet starts off with a message dated June 28 1995, from Nintendo’s president (at the time) Hiroshi Yamauchi. He talks about the financial state that the company was in during the previous year 1994, and then goes on to mention the Virtual Boy a few times.

I dont understand much about the financial data found in this Booklet, but I do know there is alot of it and none of it says Virtual Boy next to it. The last two pictures are just examples of the numbers found in this Book.

If someone should request more pics of the data, then I guess I can post more, but it would be alot of pictures…

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These are awesome! I hadn’t seen this post on here before. I love that picture of Ken Griffey Jr. play VB. He was always my favorite (baseball) players as a kid so this picture is a marriage of two of my favorite things!


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