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I was playing Virtual League Baseball, and I noticed while looking at a billborad two of them have the same picture of a man with a gun could it be James Bond? theres also a billborad of a car that looks like a sort of like a Bond car so could these be cameos of what was supposed to be the upcoming Goldeneye game?

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That’s a bit too far fetched IMO. From all we know, Kemco had nothing to do with Goldeneye. I also don’t even see “a man with a gun” anywhere. 😉

Yeah, I don’t see the connection at all (and like K said, I doubt Kemco had anything to do w/ Goldeneye).

I think the man with the gun is the second from the left (and also the small one in the middle close to the third from the right), which looks more like “wild west” than Goldeneye… and the car is kinda just a car… it doesn’t really stand out as being the same car used in the VB Goldeneye game.


I knew that Kemco had noting to do with the game, and the man with the gun I agree does not really look like James Bond I just figured that it was him. I guess I kind of over looked this one,im sorry to bother anyone.


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