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Well how are you all?
Long since has my VB been gone, but I still hum the Tetris-V songs once and a while to help me sleep, today I was experimenting with nintendo DS homebrew and was surprised to realize the property of stereoscopic 3D images on it, so I used the PictoDS program and ComicBook DS to make an album of 3D images, and aligned them and used the Cross eye method of viewing them and it’s great!
One thing that spurred my imagination immediately was a virtual boy emulator, using this cross eye method.
IS it possible? is anybody able to use this method as easily as I?
Would anyone really even be interested? I just would love to be able to play Mario tennis and others on the bus without missing my stop and people staring at me trying to fumble a big red thing over my eyes and holding a weird controller, not to mention paying a bunch on batteries…
Anybody whose interested, hit it up!
Full rights to anyone who wants them, I just want to play vb again.


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