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Today I’ve got a lot of new articles for you from Edge, EGM², N64 Gamer, GMR, Fun Vision (03/95, 06/95 and 07/95) and the Tips & Tricks magazine (02/03 and 06/03). Thanks to LameBoy for the N64 Gamer scan, to Red Alarm for the GMR article, to Shawn for Tips&Tricks 02/2003 and to Parasyte for Tips&Tricks 06/2003!

Thanks to this 100. issue of the Tips&Tricks magazine and thanks to Parasyte, here’s an awesome new cheat for Red Alarm: On the title screen, rapidly press the Select Button 60 times, as fast as you can, until you hear an explosion (This should happen before the gameplay demo starts, otherweise you were too slow). After that start a new game and press L, R, Select and A simultaneously in the game, and a debug menu pops up! In this you can fully equip your Tech Wing and make it invincible (“Special” Option), start at any of the 6 stages, or listen to some of the sounds of the game in a sound menu.

I also added first cheats for Blox, and three new FAQs by Brian Hodges (Virtual Fishing , Mario’s Tennis and Virtual Boy Endings) plus a lot of updates of his other FAQs. Additionally, here is a cool remix of the Red Alarm theme by McVaffe.

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