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Hey Everyone,

VirtuousRage was asking me for a while to do a Translation Patch for Insmouse No Yakata (インスマウスの館). A week ago I decided to give it a go. After starting to analyze the ROM I remembered that HorvatM already did all of this: http://matejhorvat.si/en/vboy/insmouse/

Based on that data I wrote a tool that allows me to freely change every image inside of the ROM. I actually found allot more (very disturbing) images that had not been mapped by HorvatM yet as well. While the tool works for my needs it’s not in a state that allows a release quite yet. There is not too much work left though. Maybe in a week or so.

Attached you will find the patched ROM, some screenshots and a (too fast) video.


Have fun playing.

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Artie schrieb:
Is the controls different from the JP version? Or was the game made harder than the JP version?? Seem to be different.

Should be exactly the same. I didn’t change or add code. Just replaced Images.


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