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We been selling VB repo with “nvSRAM” flash save chip for some time now. Now making/selling old school SRAM VB circuit boards reproductions as we’ll at reduced price.

For those not as aware the “nvSRAM” uses a single chip as flash memory; no battery required that saves your game content. The SRAM type uses a little battery to save your data.

We went all out with this new board design. To note some features:
1. Total 3 new PCBs designs for game size of 1MB, 2MB, & 4MB.
2. Use of coin Battery cage. Super easy to change the battery. No soldering required.
3. Compatible with new or used VB Donor SRAM chips
4. New more reliable battery backup switch chip
5. High copper content PCB for greater reliability
6. Ships with quality coin bran name batteries
7. Fit in a standard VB shell. Requires no plastic grinding.

Worth noting, current/pending orders will use official original Nintendo SRAM chips from past VB Donor games that we had left over. When that stock is depleted, we’ll likely use new SRAM chips. Customer can also request new SRAM chip if like.

For more details check out our website & VB reproduction FAQ.

We’ll check into this post if anyone has any questions or thoughts.

Note, more interesting announcements coming soon.

All the best,

The Vintex 64 team

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