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On the last weekend, October 10th and 11th, the retro gaming exhibition “Retrogathering 2009” took place in Alvik, Stockholm, Sweden and our user Fredik Kellén was showing off a part of his massive Virtual Boy collection and gave people the chance to try out the VB. But not only that: he also held a competition with a swedish language special edition of VUE Snake, called “RG2009 Masken” (RG2009 Snake), which I put together specially for that event. The very successful competition was won by Peter ‘Tiduas’ Johansson with a length of 91 and a fantastic score of 614250 points (almost three times as much as 2nd placed David Boström!). Full results:

1. – 614250 (91) Tiduas (Peter Johansson)
2. – 256650 (59) Dave (David Boström)
3. – 206700 (53) Wesker (Mózsi Kiss)
4. – 176400 (49) Fred (Frederick Wibe)
5. – 162150 (47) Zebbe
6. – 141900 (44) Tiduas
7. – 123000 (41) Astaniss
8. – 111150 (39) Stan (Stanislav Lzotov)
9. – 105450 (38) BBBBBBBP
10. – 099900 (37) Martin (Martin Linder)

More info here.

Photos from the event and some screenshots of RG2009 Masken below. You can download the game in the download section of the VUE Snake game page.

If you want, you can grab your FlashBoy now and submit your own VUE Snake highscores here. Can you beat Tiduas’ score?

screendump_2_masken screendump_1_masken RG2009_119 RG2009_115 RG2009_110 RG2009_059

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Nice to see this in Sweden 😛

Virtual boy ska äga i detta land 😛

Bummer, if I had known about this I would have attended… It’s only about 10 miles away from where I live 🙁


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