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It’s a dreary wet Halloween here in Providence Rhode Island, and it looks like there will be no trick or treating for me.

I was just looking at my collection and started to stare at my JPN flyer for Insmouse NoYakata, and it got me thinking…

Come, take a ride with me…

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Buckle up, it can get dangerous out there. (Yes,the North American VB drives a cadillac😊)


Almost there…


We’re here!…

Here, is the grave of H.P. Lovecraft, the author of the book that Insmouse No Yakata was based off of…

I paid my respects and left a box only copy of the game for him


Happy Halloween Planet Virtual Boy!


That was an awesome idea.

Happy Halloween!

speedyink wrote:
That was an awesome idea.

I thought it was too…until I saw my VB’s eyes light up in the middle of the night!

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to put a VB over Mr. Lovecraft’s resting spot after all.

Anyone wanna desolder my displays for me?


This is really cool!

Too fricken cool! I love Insmouth no Yakata.

Kudos Mate, what a nerdy, lovely idea <3 Happy Halloween! :vb:


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