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Just got another 30 issues of EGM and EGM2 from ’94 to ’96, but it was quite disappointing… absolutely nothing about unreleased games, just a few very small articles which will be online with my next updates.

japan_neuheitenHowever the other mags I got before had some more stuff in them, like this release list from Man!ac 3/96, which says that Pro Wrestling was released in Japan! There have been a lot of rumours before that this game may have been released in Japan in small numbers. Seriously, i doubt it, since it normally should have surfaced on ebay by now or at least some confirmation for its release should have, but remember how long it took until it was confirmed that games like SD Gundam Dimension War and Virtual Bowling were actually released… Here are the articles: Fun Vision 2+3/96, Mega Fun 2/96 and 3/96 and Man!ac 2/96 and 3/96.

I also added some infos about Virtual Bomberman and Virtual Gunman and some more Virtual Reality artist impressions from 1994.

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