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Because I was wondering how the average VB gamer looks, here is the official user picture thread πŸ™‚ Feel free to post a picture of yourself, playing VB or doing whatsoever!

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Here’s one of me playing πŸ˜€


Here I am. Although you could’ve probably gotten a general idea from my avatar.


Bruno schrieb:
Here’s one of me playing πŸ˜€

Never played in this position O_O Have to check it cause it looks quite convenient XD

Depending on how much muscle/fat you got on chest you might want to use something to hold back the metal from hurting you after longer sessions πŸ˜‰

I don’t know if its good for the turning mirrors, but as long as you dont move it shouldnt be that bad.

Two pics — one is a super-old one, but it has me with my Virtual Boy. I took it years ago when I got an order in from micromusic.net:

Here’s a few more recent ones:


So, the first one is back in my wild days when I had hair, but not a wife (and still rocked out), and the second one is more or less what I look like now (after settling down (and rocking out much much less).

Here’s a pic of me and my Virtual Boy. πŸ™‚

I have four games, Mario Clash, Wario Land (pictured), Galactic Pinball and Teleroboxer.

you should have said that was a much more rare game pictured. we never could have disproved it.

haha a very old thread but I love it, cool to see how you all look
Such an old thread that I have not had long hair in like 18 month πŸ˜›


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