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What are some of the worst video games you’ve ever had the experience to play?

1. Action 52 (NES)
52 boring as hell, badly programmed games.

2. Pit Fighter (SNES)
Boring, dumb, slow and awkward fighting game.

3. Hot Slots (NES)
Sure it’s rare and X rated but it’s 3 dumb slot machine games with odd controls that take some time getting use to.

4. E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (Atari 2600)
We know it’s legendary awfulness

5. Peek-A-Boo Poker (NES)
As with “Hot Slots” X rating doesn’t mean a damn thing, it’s just poker and nothing more exciting than that.

6. Mario’s Time Machine (SNES)
Cool idea but screwed up SO badly.

7. Mario Is Missing! (NES/SNES)
This game will put you to sleep quick.

I can’t think of any more.

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Haha I had no idea, I never knew what he looked like. Where’s the power of love now Huey??

Wii: Rock n Roll adventures

A gift that was bought for us as it has an Elvis type character on the cover (we had an Elvis minister when we married in Vegas hence the reason).
It looked bad from the cover but I had to try it as it was a gift: bad, very bad, practically broken controls, awful graphics and pointless gameplay. Not that much was expected but it did manage to move the bar down for me in terms of bad games.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure (NES):
AVGN pretty much got it right.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (NES):
Move faster and have an attack worth something.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D on the 3DS..
it’s not even close to the PC version, awful no 3d
and no rollercoasters or other stuff to unlock

Assault Rigs (PS1). Don’t play this game. The controls are extremely shit.

I’m going to have to say Legend of Success Joe on the NEO GEO is the worst game that I, personally, have played.

The game starts out as a really bad Streets of Rage clone, then does this sideways punch out thing, coupled with horrendous controls. Even the graphics, something that the NEO GEO typically curb stomps every other system with, are hilariously, uproariously terrible.

HP Lovethrash wrote:

Mega Man 1, 7, 8 and Mega Man X5, X6, X8; I absolutely hated the change in direction each series took- the annoying cartoony art style, goofy voice acting, some RPG elements, those ridiculous boss names. And the very first MM game just drives me nuts, I only played it to try and complete the PS2 compilation.

With respect, I absolutely adore Mega Man 7. 8 is an unmitigated shitball of epic proportions, but 7 is one of my favorite SNES games. X5 wasn’t bad, X6 was a little worse, and I didn’t mind X8. X7 is horrific. Just…BAD. Like, 8 bad, only this time it’s because of the controls and gameplay rather than shitty voice-acting.

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Uncanny X-Men (NES)
Trying to successfully beat this game without looking up a “how to” video is enough to put anyone in a mental institution. Quite possible the worst game on the system and among the worst ever programmed.

Once I played Fester’s Quest (NES) when I was still living in my Czech real estate https://tranio.com/czech-republic/ but this game is really slooooow, I could play it literally only 1 day. Don’t waste your time on it.


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