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If you have some non-Nintendo Power magazines from around 2004, maybe you can help me. I’m working on a site like Planet Virtual Boy, only this one’s about the DK Bongos accessory for the GameCube called theDK Bongo Society So if you have any articles about the Donkey Konga games or Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, please PM me.

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I still have yet to even play either of those games, though I’ve always wanted to. I do have two scans from GameInformer and one from GamePro, though (200dpi BMPs; some stitching required).

I would prefer not to email them, but if you get mIRC (or something DCC compatible) and come in to the IRC channel (EFnet/#virtualboy) I can send them directly to you. Or, if you don’t mind some lossy compression, I could probably make them small enough to email. Send me a PM and we can discuss it.


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