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I have been thinking about this for some time now
Why do people still love the Virtual Boy?
The Virtual Boy has many problems, but I think it`s the kind of 3D effect you get on the Virtual Boy you don`t get on any console that really makes the Virtual Boy what it is today
Some of the games are very unique, for example the pinball game is the best pinball game I have ever played and that includes any pinball games made between 1996-2008
Same goes for the Wario game

In my opinion even thought with the PS3, wii and all you don`t really get the same feeling of 3D as you get on the Virtual Boy and that is what will never make the Virtual Boy die
The Virtual Boy was is still unique today and that is what will always make it intressting to new people

Another thing is that I think many people thought is that after the N64 they would make a better version of the Virtual Boy, but instead of just throwing the Virtual Boy away and selling it as many people seem to do with old consoled the Virtual Boy will always have a place in our hearts
Some people make homebrew games, and other stuff for the Virtual Boy to make it more intressting

Deep inside I think people know nothing they make (homebrew, muslyiplayer cable, flashboy and so on) will ever make the Virtual Boy mainstreem again, but for us hardcore fans who love it we will always try to make new ways to make the Virtual Boy instressting and fun for new people who want to join our fan base

Other people love old consoles they grew up with, but for me I never grew up with the Virtual Boy, but it`s the 3D effect and the unique games that will always make the Virtual Boy intressting

There is only one thing I really hate with the Virtual Boy and that is that even thought the Virtual boy could handle big games the cartridges only allowed small games

I think if all the other games never realeased for the Virtual Boy would have been released alot more people would buy it since the new games really showed how good the Virtual Boy could be

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well… The VB is considered dead, as there are no games coming out for it from companies, also nintendo no longer supports the VB (they also no longer support the NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, and NGC)

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  • This reply was modified 16 years, 2 months ago by edracon.

yes and still people mke homebrew games, VB will never be forgoten and we will try to make the console always fun

This reminds me I have to give my VB its weekly check to make sure the LEDs are still working.

I just hope some good homebrew comes out for the VB soon.

I agree, I tried most of the homebrew u can download on this site on emulator and almost all of them did not work exept blox, maybe they work when I get a flashboy

edracon wrote:
This reminds me I have to give my VB its weekly check to make sure the LEDs are still working.


Hmm , I have to do that too every week I think , just to prevent anything from happening to my screens …..



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