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Hi I was just wondering the value of such an item and if anyone here would want to make an offer?

I don’t have pics as of yet but I will soon.

It’s different from the one posted on this site because mine has american flyers in the plexiglass holders.

It’s pretty nice for a store display, it only has some blemishes here and there but everything works and is nice condition.

Sorry but it doesn’t have any demo cart in it.

Please email me at kevinhurd@kevinhurd.com

I tried emailing mock23 , he seemed intrested in one but the post and his email addy were too old.

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MrSci-Fi, where are you from? It’s to calculate shipping expenses. Those things are quite heavy, as far as I know, and it could be $200 to ship from the U.S. to Europe or viceversa.

USA, washington state. Yeah I’ve shipped large things like this before, one time I shipped a life size sw jar jar. Atleast this kiosk can be taken apart and shipped in halves, it might save it from needing to go freight.
Still though I’d say it’s a good 70 lbs in weight.

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  • This reply was modified 16 years, 10 months ago by MrSci-Fi.

pics would be nice. 🙂 if you post it in the marketplace, you can upload up to 6.

Is it’s the tabletop one or the floor standing one? And it’s the one with the red light on top, correct?


Yes It’s the full standing sized one with the red infinity mirrored nintendo light ontop.. still working on pics, my friend is suppose to bring his camera over.

Oh… cool, definitely post pics. I remember seeing a floor standing one on ebay a while ago… I don’t remember what it went for, but it’s definitely a cool item.


posted crappy cell phone camera pics in the marketplace.

It was a ittle dusty from storage so I have the cover off cleaning it. Tested the VB, works great everything is in great condition but the bulb for the nintendo infinity sign has to be replaced. No big deal on that though, the sign has instructions and bulb replacement part number on it.

damn, i WANT it. no money, though. 🙁
do you also trade for vb stuff? 😉

Yeah, that’s sweet… I wish i had a place for it. I’ve played that type in person and it’s really comfortable to play (as long as you don’t mind standing). And yeah, the light bulb shouldn’t be a big deal… IIRC I ordered one for mine from http://www.atlantalightbulbs.com .


I wish I could but I need the money, I’ve got student loans and other bills hitting me.

I thought I’d stop by hear and let some other VB fans have a shot at it first, I guess I’ll put up on auction though probably soon.

One guy on another site said he saw one go for $1500 before, wish me luck.

Yeah, I remember a few years ago one of the smaller countertop ones went for ~$1600, but that guy was totally crazy… that winning bidder has definitely paid some of the highest prices for VB stuff. I’ve owned a couple of the countertop ones and IIRC the last one I sold went for around $400, but that was several years ago, and prices for rare VB stuff in general seems to have gone down.

Good luck with the auction though… I think that is probably the best way to go with it since there haven’t been many examples to get a feel for a price. And if you start it for $9.99 or less it’s free to list on ebay 😛 .



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