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Someone was asking for Deathchase in another thread. That reminded me that I never published the Multicard Rom I created as a surprise for the Coding Competition participants.

The Rom contains all roms submitted except for M.K.s Gameboy emulator which I had to exclude for multiple reasons. DanB’s demo runs a bit slower as I couldn’t compile all games with the old gccvb. I might also have produced bugs when I’ve put everything together even though I couldn’t find any. Just play the original if something is broken.

Happy 20th anniversary everyone.

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Thanks for sharing!

Looks like yet again we’ve been… *doh* *dah*


Thank you, man

Can this be used with the flash boy plus?

yes 🙂

Thank you Thunderstruck….This is awesome!! This is literally talent on top of talent.

bigmak wrote:
yes 🙂

Thanks for clarifying that bigmak, and thanks to Thunderstruck for making this cart available for all 🙂

Thanks for the release! Now let’s get it a CIB release!

Very nice. Would love of CIB of this!

A CIB release isn’t going to happen unless all coders agree to it 🙂

There isn’t room on the rom for any improvements to the code…and I think some of the coders would rather work on their projects a bit more before a public release.


i still feel that this should never be released for sale. this was a special item for those who submitted something into the coding compo. if future collectors want one then they should get ready now for the 2016 coding compo. =P

I agree. Although it means I’ll probably never own one, I think it is a nice treat for the people who worked hard to make their entry for the competition. Why spoil that by putting them up for sale.

Thank you Thunderstruck for release it! :thumpup:

Cosmoliner wrote:
Thank you Thunderstruck for release it! :thumpup:

hawk1010 wrote:
Thanks for the release!

manic23 wrote:
… and thanks to Thunderstruck for making this cart available for all 🙂

melloman wrote:
Thank you Thunderstruck….This is awesome!!

Protoman85 wrote:
Thank you, man

speedyink wrote:
Thanks for sharing!

You’re welcome. I actually wanted to put this out right after everyone got their card but forgot to do so.

I don’t really see the point in selling it though. Most of the games are fairly short and you can easily play them on the Flashboy.

Dude you rock! Thank you so much!

Thanks for the release!

Thanks for releasing this!


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