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I needed a power voltage regulator board, so I purchased a “I don’t know if it was working before, but it should” Virtual Boy.Luckily for me it worked, so my second VB is now up and working.

Now I have a loose VB with everything working except power. If anyone needs pieces please let me know.

-VB Shell
-Left Lens working
-Right Lens working
-Full Controller
-Full set of working Legs with bracket, no damage
-All other wiring and boards.

Just let me know, we can work out a simple price.

Thanks again,

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Red lens are OK, min scratches. The left and right ribbon cables are great. I can’t update the post.

I have sent you a PM

Thanx a lot!
Send you a PM 🙂

Hello again…
Just checking by…
I`ll wait your answer…
Thanx a lot!

Same here.

I replied to everyone I thought. The pieces were sold. I only have the case, innards, speakers, lens and controller left. Sorry. I can’t update the first post.


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