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@bomberman94Registered November 9, 2006Active 2 years, 10 months ago
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RetroDan schrieb:

Bomberman94 wrote:

i‘m looking for the US only games – just the cartridges (even protection cap not needed). Must be original and also label in „nice“ condition.



PS: i‘m located in germany and shipping can be as cheap as possible

I’ve got everything but 3D Tetris. Pm me!

PM sent – please check and send me some pics and your price, thx

Has someone stored the video and is able to share here or can upload agan?

UncleTusker schrieb:
Just put 2 more copies of this up! Come get em.

… maybe you can make some more Space Pinballs and/or Faceball Proto games CIB?

I would take one for sure 😃

Aaaahrg – again too late. Maybe you throw in some more – there is no risk for keeping them not sold…

If there is a chance for a new quality release for the VB i’m in 😊

Cool – will check every day now!

Is there an actual gameplay video around?


Read this the first time – is there a chance to get one, please?

I like to see the label before please but ask the community (maybe a poll will clear this).

If it will be in a quality like the “original” one – i’m interested in one copy. Would be great to get box, instruction etc. from Uncle Tusk as well 😋

May you provide us a picture of it please?

This is my japanese VB bought on ebay: V10175382



I would suggest the first one – the rodent mole!

Hey – a moscot is born 😅

Mmmh, if someone could test it here for the community and it’s as good as it looks like we can make a kind of collective purchase order.

But what did you guys here on Planet VB think about this?

By the way – this one reminds me somehow of a mole…

Looks like it is more softer and comfortable. Do you sell it outside zhe US? Can we buy one directly from you – i would say i’m interested!

Within the VB – some kind of cool!

… colour is a bit “special” but now i love it!

This is mine from Richard – got it some weeks ago.

Sorry – sold for 42,61 Euro!

Will check the site and get one – thanks for the infos!