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Virtual Boy Technical Demos (WCES 1995)

The Virtual Boy demo videos shown on WCES 1995. Grooveraider comments:

The camera work is pretty rough because Nintendo hosted the VB demos in a small dark enclosed mini-theatre filled with attendees. We stood in a pretty large line waiting to get our chance to see the VB games for the first-time in the U.S. Nintendo wasn’t allowing photography inside but I was able to pretend my camera wasn’t shooting by placing some dark wire tape over the recording light. So basically I went against their policy and I had to be very careful that the Reps didn’t see me recording. [...] I didn’t have a compact camcorder like some people did back in 1995. My camera was a 1991 VHS RCA [...]

So we finally made it inside and was given some shutter test goggles to hold over your eyes at the 6 big projection screens showing VB games and demos.