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Hello everybody!

M.K. was so kind to give me access to his fighting engine that he developed for one of his unreleased games. So I made a SF2HF mod. The full version will be released soon.

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Awesome work. Can’t wait to see the full version πŸ™‚

Holly shit. Now this I call commercial quality. Like … seriously… how are you doing this?

The music sounds exactly like the original and is superior to everything I ever did. The backgrounds look perfect. Just perfect. The animations are super fluent. I lost a couple of times just because I couldn’t stop looking at the backgrounds/fighters. And then there are the voices… You can clearly understand every single word. There is no delay in the game when they are played and there are allot of voices being played. And there is absolutely not static at all while the voices are played.

Sorry that I have to ask, but will you share some of your secrets (maybe when the game is done)?

WOW !!

I imagine the final version will be > 16MBit ?

This is going to be the longest 6 hours before I finish work and get home and try this out. Looking forward to giving it go!

I can’t get any emulators to run this… poop.

anyone have screenshots?

Wyndcrosser wrote:
I can’t get any emulators to run this… poop.

anyone have screenshots?

It seems like it is only running on hardware.

Hadooken….Hadooken..This would be an incredible game except I’m not playing on a Virtual Boy. When I play this I am suddenly transported to a red and black 3d arcade. When I turn the game off I reallize I’m back in my world and the VB is up on my face. What’s that all about? J/K But man you’d swear that your not playing on a vb this must be what the big “N” was talking about when it talked about great games like in issue 67 They surely were talking about this team.



Thank YOU very MUCH !!! …
AMAZING work πŸ™‚

Would you guys consider getting w DogP and seeing if you could make this a multi-player link cable game?

Impressive is an understatement. It’s incredible !

Is there a way to unlock Shen long ?! πŸ˜€

I can see it now, suddenly Flashboy sales sky-rocket. Wonder why….Hmmm

Looks like Mednafen doesn’t like this game. I’m only hearing some garbled background noise…

Could someone somehow make a video, perhaps? This has piqued my curiosity…

It would be nice in general if somebody posts his game to post also some screenshots. Right now i have no VB here and on Emulator it seems not to work.

Dammit, SO wish I had a flashboy! Can’t wait till they’re available again so I can try this!

This is fantastic. Everything about this demo just oozies quality. If only developers took the time to make something like this back in the day then VB would have not failed. Can’t wait to buy the full game, (I hope there will be a CIB).

Great work Mr anonymous.

Absolutely raises the bar in every way. Can’t say enough good things.


You can bypass the simple anti-emulator check in Mednafen’s debugger if you know what you’re doing, but you probably don’t want to do that because it sounding like crap due to noise emulation deficiencies kind of ruins the experience. πŸ˜‰

So if this a joke or something? lol. April Fools?

No screenshots and it doesn’t work on emulators…

Anyone with a Flashboy wanna take some pictures, even if they are “rough”



Someone did pictures on Nintendoage.com so I borrowed them.

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