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Here are the final results of the community voting for “VB Homebrew of the Year 2009”. Congratulations!

  Project Points
by KR155E
97 (36%)
by DanB
56 (21%)
by VirtualChris
36 (13%)
VUE Snake
by KR155E
34 (12%)
VB Wav Converter
by DogP
18 (7%)
Water Ripple Demo
by RunnerPack
14 (5%)
Chrono Trigger Run Demo
by MrSparkle
5 (2%)
VB Display Test App
by DogP
5 (2%)
Mode 7 Demo
by dasi
5 (2%)
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Congrats Kr155E! I was voting for you. BLOX 2 is way above the competition in overall presentation and content.

Thanks, Dan! (BTW, I voted for Yeti3D 😀 )

Congrats guys, you two got top marks from me. :thumpup:

Aw crud… I forgot to vote. Well, not that it would have made much difference with the final results! Congratulations to all!

Congratulations, everyone!

An extra “way-to-go” for VirtualChris for letting everyone watch his game develop in the forum and for (grudgingly ;-)) trying to expand his programming vocabulary beyond BASIC!

It looks like only 27 people voted, though, which seems a bit low. Where were you guys?! How many other “jzagals” were there that just forgot to vote?

Top work to all involved.
Some nice projects there, its great to see all the effort you guys put in.

well I was one of the 27 who voted


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