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A quick video I made to promote the coding competition

Maybe with some luck get some new vb developers who are not members on this site πŸ™‚


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DevilsAvocado wrote:
We’re going to try a mid-90’s techno sound with EON and if I don’t use any EON tune it’ll be something very similar. The beeps, bleeps and bass are all perfect for the style of title animation I have created and the music itself is particularly reminiscent of the mid-90’s computing technology.

I’ll probably be happy with whatever you finally pick, but there is another, as yet unmentioned, possibility πŸ˜‰

Just puttin’ it out there…

DevilsAvocado wrote:

I know you Swede’s have to defend the likes of Basshunter but still…no.


Basshunter was how shall I explain it – a summer fling – something that everybody actually thought was bad but couldn’t help themselves…

I’m sorry it spread.

When (if) I happen to listen to a song it’s always with a mile – it’s funny because it’s bad. I still have them in my phone (why purge when there’s room) and when I set it to shuffle all – they occasionally pop up in between the Beatles tunes.

Had The Beatles released anything in the mid 90’s I would have suggested that instead.

The Haddaway-tune was quite popular after the yadayada “… Roxbury”-movie.

“Had The Beatles released anything in the mid 90’s I would have suggested that instead.”

That caught my eye. They did release the two new songs “Real Love” and “Free as a Bird”, in 1995/1996. So that coincides with the release of the VB lifespan and thus is in a way relevant to VB talk.

Anyways, getting back on topic, I would totally program for this if I had any idea how to, but instead I will just join the *masses and follow these releases.

*masses=my hopes that more people will be attracted to the VB with the release of the 3DS. One can dream. πŸ™‚

still have not seen a new video so I guess my video is still the only coding competition promo video πŸ˜€

And DevilsAvocado’s, though without music.


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