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@nesfreakRegistered October 29, 2017Active 1 year, 8 months ago
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thank you very much for your review! enjoy your console!

yes im still fixing consoles.

thank you! ^^ sorry i havent posted here in awile please contact me via email for repair (janevgen@sbcglobal.net) not here cause im not on here much any more

i got it too. i knew it was spam lol. i replied and said you can tell me here i wont reply to your email. i then said you have all the signs of a sex bot or phishing scam. prove me wrong but i doubt it.

i will never under stand sex bots. used to get those all the time on skype. pissed me off.

the vb runs off 5 volts right? just run it off USB 😛

who did the solder fix? its easy to not bridge it properly

ah ok well thank you very much! i’ll get an add posted there problem is i dont use reddit much but that can change. thanks again!

thank you! ive thought about adding my ad to reddit. i may do that soon! could you post the link from reddit?

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just fyi im still fixing consoles if any one needs the job done ;P

i agree much more modern 😛 thanks! but personally i kinda wish the mail and notification had its own icons next to the user profile image instead of having to click the profile icon to see the drop down menu. other than that its pefect imo.

thank you to both of you! enjoy your fixed consoles!

Planlos1988 wrote:
Is there also some one in Germany or Europe that solder the ribbon Cables? I have two VB’s that i want to be permanent fixed 🙂
At the moment they work great as is but one of them needs all few month to be soft repaired with a hot knife or something else hot and pressed on the glued ribbon that it reglued again but a permanent fix would be better 🙂
The other one didnt have any problems but there will also come the time that it also has to be soldered but if there is someone in europe or germany (im from germany but europe is also ok) then he can do both that i had never problems again with that 😀

there used to be one but i think he quit fixing them cause i havent seen him around in awile.

754boy wrote:
I am so glad I didn’t attempt this repair myself. I decided to send my VB to Nes Freak after reading all the glowing reviews. Communication was excellent! Price was right! Turn around was fast. Sent it in on Tuesday of last week and had it back on Friday of this week.

My daughter saw me unboxing it and asked, “Dad, is that the thing you put your cell phone in and put it on your head?” I laughed and said no this is a Nintendo! Then she asked, “OH, so you put your Nintendo Switch in it?” LOL, instead of explaining it, I just set everything up and we tested it out. Works perfect now! Plus, my baby got to experience the VB for the first time.

Thanks so much NES Freak!

no problem im glad i could revive your VB console! enjoy!

Pavlovtiger wrote:
I just got my VB back from NES Freak and I really must give him every amount of glowing praise I can. My Virtual Boy is better than new, and keep in mind that this was a special case where my ribbon cables were basically beyond saving. FLAWLESS repair, and with a remarkably quick turn-around time. He even threw in a fix for my flimsy focus slider. If you have a Virtual Boy that hasn’t had this fix done, or a broken unit that won’t play nice, look no further. This repair is worth -every dime- and you -will not- be disappointed. NES Freak, THANK YOU.

your welcome 😛 Enjoy your fixed VB console!

seems like a over complicated design. but there no other solution out there so im might be getting some from you.

astro187 wrote:

Nes Freak wrote:

a single black line is a dead led on the board. its not your ribbon

I have a system that I got the permanent solder fix for about 4 or so years ago (by a skilled member of PVB, not some eBay hack) and it had worked fine but recently now has a single dead line in one display and I had been meaning to ask this too.

So it sounds like that LED board is shot and just needs to be replaced? (i.e. can’t be repaired somehow?)

there are ebays hacks lol i delt with them. they just do the heat fix. that why im on ebay too to make sure its done the right way.

unfortunately there is no way to fix a bad led. there just too small.

8bitAndy wrote:
Hi, my right display was out. I was able to get it working again with a hot iron. However, it still has a single pixel line that is dark, even after several tries.

Looking at this link, it seems that a line in the ribbon cable controls 8 pixels on the display. This would mean that my single bad pixel can’t be caused by a ribbon cable problem:


Could it be a defect in the LED? What else might cause this?

a single black line is a dead led on the board. its not your ribbon

BigDen wrote:
Thank you my friend! But I guess it will be difficult to send it in the US. But thanks again and I might come back to you.

no problem 😛

BigDen wrote:
Hello all,

some months ago I bought a VB including the Virtual Tap (which was the reason why I bought this VB) and now I tried to install it. Unfortunately I realized that the Virtual Tap itself was already soldered once and my know how and equipment is not sufficient to take the risk to remove the solder and move on with the installation. Due to the fact that I am from Germany, I like to ask if there is someone who is from here and well experienced in that case and could help me here. If you see a chance here, feel free to send me a pm.

For orientation, please see attached a picture how the Virtual Tap looks.

Thanks in advance.

if know one replies i’ll be glad to do it for you. im in the usa though.

thank you for using my services! enjoy 😛