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Well originally I was totally against R-Zone believing it to be a useless console. After buying my first complete NOS R-Zone XPG with Jedi Adventure… I decided to buy a loose console to try it out because online reviews can’t show what it’s actually like.

After much deciding over the last couple weeks, I have now bought 3 head units (because its cheaper to collect games with consoles) and the NOS XPG.

I now own the following R-Zone games:

Star Wars Jedi Adventure (NOS, so I have no opinion on the game)
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Challenge (Quite fun, has a Vectrex-like feel)
Battle Arena Toshinden (hard to play because I don’t have a manual, nor is there one for download)
Primal Rage (Actually pretty cool once you learn the special combo moves)
Batman Forever (Very close to your average Tiger handheld, which is a good thing… Classic)
Indy 500 (Also feels Vectrex-like, standard racing game)

Overall, it’s actually surprisingly good; but difficult to collect for because its obscure.

I spent around $80 for it all, which isn’t bad but now I have 2 extra head units, which I guess friends could use for play?

I was also able to download a console manual, the Batman Forever manual, Indy 500 manual and Primal Rage manual. The other games sadly do not have them available because they are slightly rarer.

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I like Indy 500, it’s a good game, but I prefer Millennium Falcon Challenge.

Just bought game #3 for this thing. I don’t like fighting games so the Virtua Fighter isn’t worthwhile (it came with it.) and Daytona 500 is stupid in the way it forces the car to the side with no way to make it go back in the center. So hopefully the Batman one will be better.

Batman Forever came today. My highest score so far is 820. I can beat level 1 with ease even though I don’t know what the heck Batman is doing. Level 1 is a side scrolling level where you jump over holes and punch evil villains a la TMNT arcade game. Level 2 seems more like Spy Hunter than anything else where you’re in the Batmobile and shoot at other cars. I don’t know if there’s a level 3 yet. Can anyone fill me in on if there is one and what it’s like?

My personal favorite R Zone game is Primal Rage. As it has multiple attacks and characters to choose from.

I have an R-zone as well. It’s far closer to a Game & Watch with interchangable cartridges, than any sort of traditional game console.

I have Batman Forever, Daytona and Virtual Cop for it.

I just bought a second R-Zone because it came with Star Wars Millennium Falcon. I tend to have two of whatever I can, in case one breaks. Apparently Millennium Falcon is the best game?

I thought I knew, but I guess I don’t know. Can someone explain the controls in level 2 of Batman Forever?

VirtualChris wrote:
I just bought a second R-Zone because it came with Star Wars Millennium Falcon. I tend to have two of whatever I can, in case one breaks. Apparently Millennium Falcon is the best game?

Millennium Falcon Challenge is one of the best games, it’s very fun.

I got the second R-Zone unit in the mail today. Wasn’t working at first, the display was all fuzzy. So I decided to change the batteries in it. That did the trick and it works OK now. I didn’t know that’s what happened when an R-Zone gets low on batteries. I have no idea what I’m doing in the Millennium Falcon game, except that A B C and D shoot different missiles out. Can anyone help me as to what to do here?

I made a little YouTube video about the R-Zone. You can watch it here:
Any suggestions for the next one?

I just ordered a second XPG with Jedi Adventure (This time not sealed), so very soon I can give an opinion of the game as well as the XPG in comparison to the head unit.

I made a second R-Zone video a few weeks ago. Here it is:

That actually looks pretty cool, I am excited for my loose copy to arrive.

I made a video about Daytona USA:

AVGN takes on the Tiger games, including R-Zone.

AVGN: Tiger Electronic Games

A little bit off topic but does anyone have an instruction manual for Apollo 13? I haven’t the foggest idea what I’m doing. A scan would be really helpful.

Heck yeah!!!! i had an R-Zone with batman when i was a kid! i forgot about it until this post. I want to start collecting them now too!!!

Well I’m still trying to collect but with minimal luck as others are obviously interested as well.
But I am now wanting Road Rash 3, as another choice as video reviewers stated that it’s a really good game and maybe the best available for R-Zone.

I just won a Tiger R Zone on Ebay. It looks like it has a game plugged into it. I’m not sure what it is. I asked the seller but no reply yet. After reading and watching about the Tiger R Zone I felt strangely compelled to purchase one. I remember when it was first released but have never played it.

Awesome, I hope it’s one of the good games such as Primal Rage, Millennium Falcon Challenge, Road Rash 3, or maybe even Battle Arena Toshinden.


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