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Well originally I was totally against R-Zone believing it to be a useless console. After buying my first complete NOS R-Zone XPG with Jedi Adventure… I decided to buy a loose console to try it out because online reviews can’t show what it’s actually like.

After much deciding over the last couple weeks, I have now bought 3 head units (because its cheaper to collect games with consoles) and the NOS XPG.

I now own the following R-Zone games:

Star Wars Jedi Adventure (NOS, so I have no opinion on the game)
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Challenge (Quite fun, has a Vectrex-like feel)
Battle Arena Toshinden (hard to play because I don’t have a manual, nor is there one for download)
Primal Rage (Actually pretty cool once you learn the special combo moves)
Batman Forever (Very close to your average Tiger handheld, which is a good thing… Classic)
Indy 500 (Also feels Vectrex-like, standard racing game)

Overall, it’s actually surprisingly good; but difficult to collect for because its obscure.

I spent around $80 for it all, which isn’t bad but now I have 2 extra head units, which I guess friends could use for play?

I was also able to download a console manual, the Batman Forever manual, Indy 500 manual and Primal Rage manual. The other games sadly do not have them available because they are slightly rarer.

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I admit that I am still obsessed with the tiger r zone. I recently added a datazone to my collection. It is brand new in the box. It is the only one known to be unopened. I have not been able to add any more games to my collection of 26 unfortunately. I have even considered offering a copy of Hyper Fighting to anyone that can help me add a single game to my collection.

Hi guys, considering no one posted here in a long time, I thought letting you know I recently became the proud owner of a sealed headgear unit Mask of Zorro pack-in. I’m realy glad with it because it is so very rare.

If I can help someone answering questions about the package or something, just let me know. Ofc I’m not opening it to scan the manual 😉

Nice. I just got a Super Screen unit, it’s way bigger than I thought it was going to be, lol. I don’t know how hard I’ll try to get every known game, but I grab them when I see them for a good price.

I’ve got a working head unit, XPG, and now Super Screen. Data Zone is a far-away dream for now, but maybe someday.

I feel the need to play necromancer here.

A couple weeks ago it was dumb luck that not only did I track down one of these (XPG) but the semi-local game shop which usually is high had it so long it was mismarked at $13 with Jedi Academy so I snapped it up. I’m surprised how good it is considering how badly it’s dumped on. It really is the poor mans Virtual Boy in a very obvious way. When I say good though I mean good as much as their 80s/early 90s tiger segments handheld games could get good (and a few did, very few.) I tracked down Daytona for it and have that today, kind of hoping I can find more of them.

Is there a historically decently fair barometer on what to pay or not to on these, in particular loose, as I have no interest in getting baked cutting open something new as I’m sure even this thing has collectors.

I’ve been watching this thread for a long time.

I’ve currently got a full R-Zone collection. As far as I know, it’s one of the most complete out there (yes, it even has Zorro!)—only missing Judge Dredd, and Football (unless we’ve confirmed any of the other rumored games?). I somehow managed to get all four systems, and even more curious is that my wife and her family swear to have played the R-Zone Football game.

The strange part about that is the fact that we’re in North Dakota, and the game was found here despite my understanding that it wasn’t released in the states. I’m doubtful we’ll find it (I’ll make time to look at the in-laws’ house), but also wanted to share odd that seemed.

Anyone else have any breakthroughs with their collections?

I pulled my R-Zone headset out a couple of weeks ago, found that the LED’s in the head unit aren’t lighting up anymore making it unplayable.

Still need to find the time to disassemble the whole thing and see if I can find the issue.

If you’d like a replacement, I could send you one at-cost of shipping.

Adam, that’s kind of you! I’ll keep that in mind.

My first choice is to get mine working again. I’m sure there are some back connections in the controller (the components in these are extremely cheap). But If I can’t get it going again – I’ll definitely hit you up!

Is any one selling R zone games ?

I’d be willing to sell my extras. Some NIB, even 🙂

Has anyone confirmed any more games? I found someone who posted a bunch of scans from a magazine with a ton of game mock-ups a while back. I’ll see if I can find and post them.

If anyone has:

I’d pay very well for them. They’re the only two I’m missing.

Is any one selling R zone games?

Which ones are you interested in? I can list some of my extras, like I said.

I sent you a private message about your extra games

I’m looking for r-zone carts too, loose is all I’d care about preferred at least. I just have Daytona and the Star Wars Jedi pack-in. I like my XPG but it has rotted since early summer since I’ve got nothing to play on it new.

I’ll take a pic of my extras and post them 🙂

Finally got a picture of my extras. Any interest?

I will get a picture of the real collection this week 🙂

I’m interested in
Rebel forces
Virtual cop

I’m looking for 3 R- Zone games if someone is willing to sell let me know

1 star was rebel forces
2 jurassic Park
3 Independence Day

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Was browsing the internet and found a small low quality image of VR Troopers in package! I’m not surprised that it’s a pack-in, now we know. 🙂


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